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Here are ways to get help with your introductory (typically 100-level) physics course at Stony Brook.
Help Rooms

On the A-level of the Physics building there are two Help rooms A-129and A-131. There, Undergrad Teaching Assistants (UGTA), graduate teaching assistants (TA), teaching staff and faculty hold their office hours. We hope to see you there in Fall 2021!

The rooms are open ~9am - 6pm Monday - Friday.

Office Hours

Your course instructors and TA's hold Office Hours for 2 hours or more every week during the semester. Most do this in the Help Rooms but some hold extra hours just for students in their own course. See your course syllabus or Blackboard

Other Kinds of Help

Here are links to other kinds of help

  • Residential Tutoring
  • College of Engineering Tutoring
  • Academic Success and Tutoring Center
  • TA's for introductory courses will answer questions via e-mail, although they do this on their own (not necessarily your preferred!) schedule. See the above links for course webpages and addresses.
  • E-mail the PHY 133/134 staff at phy133_lab at or phy134_lab at

    E-mail the PHY 121 staff at phy121_lab at

  • Enrollment, permissions and other questions regarding administrative issues could be addressed to phy_ast_undergraduate at
  • Administrative questions regarding the in-person lab courses could be addressed to phy_introlabs at

Here are text books used by Stony Brook Department of Physics and Astronomy introductory classes; they can be obtained from all the usual sources plus the SBU Bookstore

Copies are also available for short-term loan in SBU Libraries

  • PHY 131/132, Online version
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Foundations and Connections by Debora M. Katz, Cengage Learning 2015.
  • PHY 131/132, PHY 125/126/127 In class and Studio versions
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Douglas Giancoli, Pearson/Prentice Hall 2008.
  • PHY 121/122, In class and Studio versions
    College Physics: A Strategic Approach by Knight, Jones and Field. Pearson 2010.
    College Physics by Etkina, Gentile and Van Heuvelen. Pearson 2014.
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